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my foolproof guide to clashing prints

My current trend obsession is clashing prints. I’m a huge fan of slinging a few random prints together. So I’ve put together a Foolproof Guide to Clashing Prints for those of you who struggle with embracing this trend with ease.


Neutral Prints

There is such a thing as a neutral print. They’re called classics for a reason; stripes, polka dots, animal prints and checks/gingham are prints I would class as “neutral” so if you have a very loud bright patterned skirt it with neutral print and you are good to go.

Premixed Patterns

The easiest way to clash prints is to choose a garment with 2 prints already premixed for you. If your lacking confidence, for some bizarre reason its easier to wear completely opposite prints if a fashion brand has already “approved” that it works together just by just selling the garment, weird but true! Choose one of the prints from the garment and use one of the prints on an accessory (shoes, handbag, belt ect.) for a more cohesive look.



There are two ways I use to contrast completely different prints that work every time. The first is to pick two different prints that share a main colour. And the second is to use the same print contrasting colours. I’ve tried an tested this on every print in my wardrobe and it seems to unify patterns every time.


One of the easiest tricks in the book is to invert the colours of the same print. If you’re feeling a little more daring, go for different prints and swap the colours over. Two patterns with the same colour scheme merges the outfit together no matter how bold you have been with colours scheme and wild prints.


Negative Space

For a more subtle approach use multiple patterns sparingly. Negative space is your friend when using a lot of prints all at once. For example having a loud floral on the hem of the skirt rather than all over means you could use another more neutral print all over a top and the block of colour between the two bold print choices balances out the look. Add another print for a handbag and coloured shoes that features a colour from a few of the prints to pull the look together just by adding touches of clashing prints; the more the merrier!

Play around with scale

If your just dipping your toes in with prints I would suggests trying this trick first. Find a simple print that you love (I find geometric and neutral  prints work best) and find another garment with a similar pattern and either sale up or sale down the print. For example using a thin brenton striped skirt and then draping a thicker striped coat over your shoulders as a subtle introduction to pattern.


My Outfit

My outfit in this post I’ve used a neutral print, both prints share a colour and I’ve played around with scale and used accessories to create negative space and break up the patterns. This is just as an easy guide to figure out how to delve into patterns with a bit more confidence. This is just how I like to style and mix up different patterns but you can chop and change how you like to style patterns and prints however you fancy. Have a little experiment with each of these tips and tricks and let me know how you get on.



Top: New Look      Trousers: Topshop      Shoes: Asos      Bag: Zara     Sunglasses: Moschino


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