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how to spot counterfeit Christian Louboutin shoes


A lot of us girls dream of owning a pair of classic Loutboutins one day. During my first year of university I had my heart set on the Pigalle design but unfortunately fell victim to counterfeit Christian Louboutin shoes by buying from a vintage designer sellers, House of Gallet. Word of warning to beware of who you buy from, check them over properly before you buy and double check the returns policy!

The difficulty with shopping online for designer is that fake photos can be used and are very difficult to authenticate properly when using sites such as Ebay and Depop. Using official companies such as – – Selfridges and Harrods websites are the ways to make sure you are purchasing the real deal.  My heart completely sank when I opened the box and compared them to another pair I had. I felt completely deceived, annoyingly this is becoming quit a common situation. Hopefully after reading this post you will learn from my own mistakes and learn to be a savvy shopper with Louboutins. I have since bought a pair of Pigalles, so to clarify the black shoes are counterfeit and the nude are authentic Pigalle Christian Louboutins.


The toe box

Authentic Christian Loutboutins have very thin, low cut toe boxes compared to other heeled pumps. They are very rounded and when worn should show something Christian himself calls ‘toe cleavage’. Sounds very bizarre, I know but if you own a pair you’ll know what I mean.

FAKE                                                    REAL

Inside the heel

The position and alignment of the text inside the shoes can be difficult to notice at first. Note the spacing of the letters and the font that ‘Paris’ is written in. The gold lettering should be completely flat inside the sole not embossed and the ‘Paris’ should sit mid way down the shoe.

In most Louboutin heels there will be a grip tab placed at the top of the heel to keep the shoes on your feet to help with the low cut toe boxes on his designs. The inside sole should also have a slight intent where there is extra padding within the shoe as they are infamously uncomfortable shoes.

REAL                                                               FAKE

The statement red sole

This is probably the easiest bit to spot on Louboutin is the classic red sole. On an authentic pair the soles are lacquered and have a shiny surface with bevelled sides; the counterfeit shoes are usually dull and rubberised with a completely flat sole. They may also have an orange tinge compared to the real lipstick red of a genuine pair.

When you slip on a real  pair for a whole day you will notice that the lacquer starts to wear away as you wear them; being a designer shoe you can have them re-lacquered at any Louboutin store.

The devil is in the detail with the sizing. Any half sizes on an authentic pair should be shown as 1/2 rather than .5 as many of the fake Louboutins are.



You will need a critical eye will Louboutins, they should have neatly spaced and tight stitching. All designs, especially the pumps have a aesthetically pleasing fluid curve to them, no harsh lines or break points in the silhouette of the shoe. Third Shift Factories are for the most part, the ones that create counterfeit products and have much lower quality workmanship, sloppy stitching and thick matte red soles with uneven edging.


Pictured above is the authentic packaging for Louboutins. Note that the logo should be on a slight tilt and the ‘Paris’ is just above the bottom right corner. Check the sticker is labelled with all the correct details on the right side of the shoe box as some sneaky seller can use real boxes with fake shoes! You can tell just from from the touch of the fabric of the dust bags and heel tips pouch the quality of the fabric, if it feels like felt or cheap polyester then unfortunately, you have a counterfeit shoe.

A very common myth is that Louboutin shoes come with an Authenticity Card: they do not! Although many other designer brands use this method, Christian Louboutin are the exception. Instead they make sure your receipts (or proof of purchase if you buy online) in a little white envelope with the signature sole print on the top.



abt sig

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