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three masks that saved my skin

Twenty-something and I still have the skin of a pre-teen. I’ve always had oily, acne prone skin and I’m forever battling with blemishes. I try and drink as much as I can, always remove my make up at night and make sure I eat lots of veg. But the only thing I find that provides instant relief and long term improvement are intensive face masks. I religiously use all of these products weekly, they are all firm favourites in my skincare routine. But if any of you have an miracle acne products please let me know, I’ll give anything a whirl at this point…


Origins Out Of Trouble Mask and Maskimiser 

This mask is still fairly new to me; after using it for about 6 weeks, I’m already obsessed! It contains a lot of trouble-shooting ingredients such as zinc oxide, sulfur, camphor and salicylic acid to absorb any excess sebum and buff away blackheads and dead skin cells. Its a white, herbal/menthol scented mask that leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. I usually use it in the evenings as I leave it on longer thank the advised 10 minutes as I can actually feel it working on my skin. I also use it as an overnight spot-on mask for particularly pesky spots, once it sets it doesn’t rub off all over your bed sheets too.

When the Origins consultant told me about this product that you spray of before your face masks, not gonna lie… it sounded like a bit of a dud product. Surprisingly it actually works! The only way I could tell it was working was my clay masks where taking a bit longer to get off and I got a tingling feeling under my skin, which shows me how deeply my masks where now absorbing into my skin. It contains a marine algae with a similar complex to Elemis Marine Cream (and we all know how well that absorbs). I also use it after I’ve cleansed and removed my makeup, as an absorptive layer between the lotions & potions I use at night, so they penetrate further into my skin.


L’Oreal Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask

Another brilliant clay mask but this one blends 3 different natural clays – Kaolin, Montorilonite and Ghassol. The mixture of clays all contain different minerals that absorb different impurities and oils- what a multi-tasker! I find this mask very mattifying on my skin so I use it just max. once a week as it is so absorptive and easier to get off in the bath with warm water – I’d prefer not to stain my towels. It leaves you looking a bit like a metallic smurf and it’s also the only face mask that I can get my other half to use as it has a ‘manly’ woody musk smell.


Montangne Jeunesse Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask

This one is a self explanatory mask. It contains pressed tea tree oil, witch hazel and willow herb stem extract which all calm down any redness and active breakouts on my skin before I put on my make up. I love how low maintenance this mask is! I spread a thin clear layer over my face for 15 mins while I have my morning coffee and then peel the whole thing off. No scrubbing at your face or staining towels and flannels like some clay masksdo. Peeling it off is one of those weirdly satisfying things where you can see all the gunk and oil that was in your face on the actual mask?! Bizarre… this mask is also available in 10ml single use packets so you can take it away with you travelling, so your skin doesn’t suffer whilst your on hollibobs.

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