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why are we incapable of packing a suitcase?

For us Brits, summer is over. It is absolutely bucketing with rain outside right now. Luckily for Ross and I, we are off on a mini-break at the beginning of September – I’d better get packing!

I’m a huge travel bug and Ross is simply not. He has been out of the country only twice in 27 years, so I’m making it my mission for him to discover the joy of travelling.

I’ve packed all sorts of useless crap over the years and never end up wearing half the clothes I pack. So I’ve collated a list of all the useful (& useless) things I’ve slung into a suitcase over the years. Hopefully you’ll learn from my packing mistakes and feel a bit more jet set wherever the getaway destination.


-My Packing Essentials-

The hard part – wardrobe packing. I quite often used to pack what I wanted to wear rather than things I needed to wear. Getting a balance of both is key. I always pack a jumper and umbrella, regardless of the destination. Even if your in sunny southern Spain, it can still get cold in the evenings. Knowing my luck, it usually rains on holiday one of the days I’m not prepared with an umbrella, so I always bring one now!

Footwear-wise – even though I love my sky high heels (let’s be honest I need the height at just 5 feet tall) I pack a pair of flat shoes or wedges – or both! Trust me walking down a beach in stilettos is all kinds of wobbly, wedges are the way forward…

Swapping liquids for solids is essential if you are flying hand luggage only. Switch out liquid foundation for stick foundation (Tarte Cosmetics) and use shampoo bars (Lush Labs) and solid perfumes (The Body Shop). For those unreplaceable items, store them in a tupperware container, just in case of suitcase spillages.

I highly recommend getting a Colgate travel toothbrush, they conveniently fold up and are a bit more sanitary than your normal brush getting covered in sand or whatever else is lurking in the bottom of your suitcase.

Spare false eyelashes – I’ve lost many a pair to hotel cleaning staff by leaving my lashes by the bathroom sink! Or even just bring them to jazz up minimal make up in the evenings without bringing a tonne of makeup with you.


-Useless Crap Not to Pack-

I always used to bring a neck pillow for long haul flights and ended up with a very sore neck. Most airlines will provide a blanket and pillow on request for those overnight flights these days, so bringing a neck pillow is really not necessary.

Guidebooks – why bring them when you have travel blogs! That’s what they’re for and books generally the take up a lot of your luggage allowance too.

Glitter eye shadow – for some reason I have the impulse to take a super colourful/sparkly eye shadow palette when I’m travelling. I’ll never end up using it abroad, but pack it just in case I want to a smokey eye or glittery eye look, because apparently you need all the eyes on holiday?! When in fact the reality is I wear very minimal make up abroad.

Bum bags, fanny packs or whatever you want to call them. Does anyone actually wear these anymore? Just pack clothes with pockets or pack just the one cross-body handbag that works from day-to-night.

Workout gear – personally my holidays are for relaxation and escapism. Unless your a super-duper gym bunny, then there is no point taking your whole workout kit on holiday. I always opt for a swim in the sea instead.


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