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functioning adult…?

Reflections on Turning 22

For the last few years my birthday has felt like a race to become an adult. Turning 22, I’ve realised I may never completely feel like a functioning adult. Getting excited about buying a new dishwasher could be a tell tale sign I’ve transitioned out of the ‘young’ adult phase – although I don’t quite feel like I’ve grasped the ‘functioning’ bit as of yet.

Sometimes I feel as though I have become boring for my age, as most of my Saturday nights consist of getting home from work, curling up on the sofa with Ross, the cat and watching re-runs on Netflix. And then painting on a fresh set of acrylics for the week ahead. But that’s what keeps me content! I’ve never been a huge fan of clubbing or staying out till 4 am, even when I was at university. Instead, I would much prefer to have a catch up over cocktails and be wildly overdressed.

IMG_0515 IMG_0505

For me, life has changed threefold since arriving at 21. I’ve moved twice and still managed to somewhat start my career without finishing my degree. I’m now settled in a house with Ross but I’m two hours away from my family. Any friends I’ve known longer than a year are dispersed all over the country. So just simply making work friends in a new city is a huge achievement for me. Occasionally you have to let go of people who unravel you from the fabric of who you are and start afresh. There is nothing wrong with cutting the wrong threads off; I have more of a quality not quantity approach to friendships.

Some months I’m in control of my finances; others I struggle to make rent. Something I’m still learning (after god-knows how many pairs of shoes) is money can’t buy happiness, some of my wealthiest memories are days where I haven’t spent a penny. Our lives always veer of to unexpected disaster chapters sporadically… but everything in life is unknown, regardless of how much we plan it; I find solace in that fact.  No-one can be a truly high functioning human being all of the time. We all have chaotic days and days we cry home alone – its ok! But things always always get back to the seemingly insignificant days that make you feel mighty again.

IMG_0510.JPG IMG_0504 (2)

Now being a 22 year old ‘adult’ I want to learn…

  • how to shut my brain off after finishing work
  • to appreciate just being my weird-ass self
  • to stop apologising for everything!?
  • that its perfectly ok not to wear make up – every – single – day –
  • it’s ok to say no sometimes
  • to not get stuck in a insistent routine
  • to spend more quality time with my family and loved ones
  • and to prioritise creativity

I want you all to know: you are doing just fine… ‘adulting’ successfully or not…

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-Outfit Details-

Dress – BooHoo – Top – Topshop – Bag – Parfois – Boots – Dolce & Gabanna – Necklace – French Connection – Earrings – Gabestar – Rings – Sas Designs Amsterdam

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