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amsterdam antics

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Ross and I jetted off for a well needed city break in Amsterdam. We had been juggling where to explore for a birthday/anniversary trip for the last couple of months and I’m so glad we arrived in Amsterdam. It hasn’t even been two weeks back on English soil and already cannot wait to return to the city! Amsterdam is the most wonderful, quirky and relaxed place I have ever been. To be completely honest, it’s not what I would call budget-friendly city (cocktails alone are around 15- 20 euros each) but the city is worth its weight in gold! It’s an absolute dream; granted, I should have planned ahead a little more. I’m definitely pre-booking tickets to the Anne Frank House & Katten Kabinet & Moulin Rouge for next time. But here’s a little insight of what we got up on our first visit to the red light city…

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In an ideal world, if I could afford it I would stay in The Pulitzer you only need to look at hotel on Instagram to see how luxurious and decadent it is. However, it was only around the corner from The Nine Streets Inn where we actually stayed. I will 100% be returning; Michel is the perfect host who lives in the apartment above and the price was a lot better that the vast majority of surrounding hotels as I’m personally not a hostel person. If you are only going for a couple of days, I would highly recommend staying smack-bang in the middle of city centre in the 9 streets with the canals on your doorstep, rather than travelling into the centre.

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-Shops & Museums-

For the love of getting lost! Amsterdam is the most wonderful city for wandering. There are so many little boutiques and one-off gift shops along with some of my favourite high street brands such as Stradivarius, Parfois and a million and one H&Ms on every corner (and they all stock H&M Home!) I would recommend having a peak in Sas Jewellery design for perfectly imperfect gold jewellery & Love Stories if you’re a lover of lacy lingerie.

We also sporadically wondered into the Body Worlds Museum which is the most bizarre anatomical exhibition. It basically a follow on from a controversial TV programme that aired last year to do with cadavers interlinked with The Happiness Project, it takes about 10mins to not feel queasy but definitely a must-see! I would also highly recommend roaming around the Van Gogh Museum after a visit to the Bulldog cafe and a canal tour or two…

–  My Amsterdam Menu –

For Breakfast – Pluk – Mermaid Acai breakfast bowls and Matcha lattes

For Brunch – Avocado Show – It’s amazing what you can with just avos and creativity

For Lunch – Ree7 – Get a freakshake, need I say more…

For Dinner – Nooch – Best Japanese food of my life!

For Coffee – Kopjes Cat Cafe – Fancy an oat milk latte with a side of cat cuddles? Erm… yes please!

For Stroopwafels – Van Wondren – You literally watch them freshly make them in store… all the caramel please!

For Dutch Pancakes – Pancakes of Amsterdam – add a drizzle of Schenkstroop, (I still have no idea what it’s made of?!)

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