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foundation favourites // make up revolution

As far and budget-friendly, cruelty-free make up goes, Make Up Revolution has to be one of the best. I am personally not a fan of their eyeshadow formulation but that hasn’t stopped me giving the rest their product line a whirl. For reference, my skin type is oily/combination/acne prone, not a great combination but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got!

The Conceal & Define Foundation has been on the market for 2 months now and I wanted to give a few base products a fair shot before giving an honest review on the following products:

Conceal & Define Foundation: £9 – 23ml – C7

Conceal & Define Concealer: £4 – 3.4ml – C5 & 13

Fast Base Foundation Stick: £5 – 6.2grams – C6


-Conceal & Define Foundation-

One thing to note, is this frosted glass bottle only contains 23ml, compared to the industry standard of 30ml, but its easy to forgive this as it is priced under £10.

It is advertised as demi-matte foundation, I would personally say it is a true matte foundation as it really does set and dry down onto the skin without being too heavy. After wearing for 7/8hrs it becomes more of a satin finish on my skin. But it still looks flawless by the time a scrub my make up off in the evening! It settles a little into the fine lines on my forehead by the end of the day, but for such a full coverage formula it is very very lightweight on the skin.

This foundation has a beautifully buildable formulation. It dries down within a few minutes and adding another layer or 2 doesn’t pull off or move the layer underneath at all. It can look a little cakey if you layer 3+ layers on, but who really wears that many layers of foundation!

It comes with a supersized doe foot applicator which I love! Many say this is unsanitary, but I’m only using it on my face, perhaps not so good for MUAs. You have to be a bit careful when opening the foundation, the first time I whipped the applicator out a little too over-enthusiastically and spattered it all over my lap!

Dupe for: Clinique, Beyond Perfecting Foundation


-Conceal & Define Concealer-

Again not a lot of product, but this is reflected in the price at just £4 a pop. Alike the foundation version, it is a seriously full-coverage concealer with identical rose gold packaging.

This concealer is my new holy grail! It has a fabulous variety of shades, so much so that I use shade C13 to cream contour. A little goes a long way with this product and it does dry down quite quickly so I would recommend working fast. Once its on, its ON, there is no budging this product…100% will be repurchasing!

Dupe for:  Tarte, Shape Tape


-Fast Base Foundation Stick-

There have been so many polar-opposite reviews about this foundation that I wanted to give it go myself. There was also alot of blogger hype over this product, just before it was released. I’m going to be completely honest and say I wouldn’t recommend this for those of you with oily skin, despite the brand claiming it works on every skin type.

It is an easy, swipe- on application that can be blended in on-the- go with your fingers or with a beauty sponge. I didn’t really like how this applied with a brush as it is a thicker, creamier formula as it can show the brushstrokes on your skin.

It is truly a full-coverage look, but having oily/combination skin, I found this separates on my skin after only a few hours and looked very caked on. Definitely my least favourite out of this handful of products but the shade C6 was definitely the best colour match for me out of all the base products I’ve tried from Make Up Revolution.

As I stopped using this foundation stick daily, I’ve popped into my handbag as is great for a fast touch-up application and is easy to travel with.

Dupe for: Make Up Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation


Let me know if their is anything else by this brand that you love and would recommend me trying…

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  1. I used the small liquid concealer for a while in place of Tarte Shape tape and loved it. I’d love to try the new foundation tbh, but I’m on this mineral kick right now 😀 haha. PS. Just followed !!!!

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