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what happened to christmas?

Christmas is almost here! To be completely honest, I’ve had all the decorative shenanigans up from November 1st (no shame). The festive season seems to unlock a sort of social connectedness within all of us. For the most part, we are all a little jollier this time of year, what with the company-paid work parties, sequinned outfits and cinnamon spiced everything!


Whether you are religious or not, Christmas should be about celebrating being with your loved ones and reconnecting… not oogling over a mountain of gifts or having the tallest, most decadent tree. And as appealing as some of these advent calendars look, I cannot justify spending £250 on a super snazzy advent calendar. As much as I adore this festive period, there is a lot of bragging on the internet this time of year. Who knows how many ‘What I got for Christmas’ blogs and vlogs will be posted come Boxing Day.


We all know December can be an expensive month, I have exhausted my paychecks and ‘pay later’ schemes already (one of the many reasons I don’t trust myself with credit cards!) There is no point getting into debt trying to show people how much you love them. Going over your overdraft or maxing out your credit cards will not be worth it it the long run. It shouldn’t matter to our loved ones if you don’t go overboard on them every single year. You’re with them at Christmas, that’s the main thing; drinking all the mulled wine, pulling crackers & enjoying yourselves & we should all be content without bundles of presents under the tree.


Something I’ve struggled with for the last few years is trying to see everyone in the few days I get off work. I’ve come to the realization that if there are certain members of your family or friendships that have a negative impact on your mental health, just don’t visit them! I would 100% prefer not to compromise the wonder that is the December. Release yourself from that obligation!


Basically just enjoy yourself, don’t compromise your bank account or yourself for the sake of one day. Get dolled up in your most festive shimmering dress or lounge in your oversized Christmas jumper, eat all the food & drink all the Prosecco & make the most of being around your nearest and dearest.

Let me know what your favourite thing to do on Christmas day is…

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