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s/s 2019 trends // everything you need to know

There are more trends than ever before this year, but rather than calling out them all, I’ve narrowed it down to the ones that will be affecting my wardrobe.

Firstly, a little bit of context… after the huge strides in equality & self expression in 2018, there is such an eclectic mix in 2019 trend forecasting. The #metoo movement, rise in sustainable fashion awareness & the 20% increase in cruelty free/vegan market has lead to such a shift & diversity following through into the new year.

Womenswear in 2019, is a reflection of this diversity. The sleek tailoring of the colour-wheel Power Suit is here to stay & the whole season has a bright & feminine powerhouse feel. We’ve also seen lots of layering & movement amongst all the designer collections. Lots of sheer, floaty fabrics in varying transparencies & lots of a line skirts & little white dresses.

(pictured are Pantone colour swatches and each designer catwalk is named)


-The 2019 Colour Spectrum-

First up, is Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Living Coral’ an energizing coral that is surprising easy to pair with all sorts of other trends & is the backdrop to alot of catwalks colour palettes.

We are having a revival of vibrant neons & head-to-toe colour blocking is definitely giving me 80s disco vibes. But it’s a much more structural & tailored trend almost 4 decades later & will be the uniform of the fashion conscious. I feel like egg-yolk yellow is also going to be huge this year; these sunshine shades seem to have worked there way into every pattern & trend, even down to footwear!

To neutralize some of the acidic tones, there has been alot of taupe, navy & cream to create a bit of breathing space between all these electric hues. There have also been a touch of cool toned pastels (you can’t have Spring without them really) such as lavender & dusky blush pink which is bit more muted than 2018’s millennial pink.

Lastly, some more natural hues adorning the catalks are khaki moss green (woven into a bit of military trend) & toffee browns & warm camels are splashed all over the models this season especially in silk satin fabrics & patent leather & velvet accessories.


-Key Prints & Patterns-

This Spring/Summer is all about combining & clashing prints (see My Foolproof Guide to Clashing Prints) a patchwork collective for all the creative dressers.

Florals for Spring/Summer are inevitable, so I will glaze over this particular print. If we all dig into our wardrobes there’s bound to be a few floral items to reuse for this year.

Another dominant print this season is, fine prints/scarf prints in gorgeous baroque curls in marigold & burgundy hues gives that resort sort of feel to a ‘Grandma’s Parisian scarf’ on printed silks.

Thank God that most designer brands have stopped using real fur, but this hasn’t stopped them from their instinctive use of animal prints, an overlapping trend from 2018. There are loads of mixed animal textures around at the moment, zebra, crocodile, leopard & snakeskin… the whole safari!

One print I won’t be adopting this year is tie dye, one 1960s trends that is personally just not me at all. But if you love that beachy, psychedelic look its a perfect of injecting loads of colour into your wardrobe that has a very DIY aesthetic. Although there have been attempts to make tie dye a little more classy with just black & white dyes.



Buttery silk satins are EVERYWHERE! Another strong trend from 2018 that’s not going anywhere, I’m completely on board!  To style it wear a terracotta satin skirt dress & sling over a tailored vest & you’ll be bang on trend!

There have also been lots of plush boho crochets adding more texture and fringing to everyone’s outfits too. Who doesn’t love a bit of hippy modernism?

This season is undoubtedly saturated in layers of chiffon & organza. Lots of couturiers are using fine tulle layers in bubble sleeves & swirling skirts. Its’s such an effortless & elegant trend that Valentino received a standing ovation a the culmination of their show that embodies this trend beautifully.


-Details & Accessories-

After having a successful run in 2018, we are asking for more pleats please! Givenchy & Balmain have certainly gone to town with tights pleats and asymmetric rouching this season & I couldn’t be happier (have a look at the textile designer @pleat if you are in need for inspiration).

There’s lots of western fringing continuing on from the autumnal cowboy boots from last season meaning texture galore! Tom Ford has nailed the trend beautifully, using it in skirts to vests, to handbags… its everywhere! Just be sure to hang up rather than fold any of your fringed garments, learn from my knotted mess I created in my chest of drawers!

Bows are back in an assortment of sizes. There’s been oversized pussy-bow blouses from Marc Jacobs to Rodarte’s tiny feminine grosgrain ribbon bows. I personally love feminine bows on stiletto pumps and ankle boots too. Definitely a trend I will be adopting…

There have also been a scattering of bucket hats on the catwalks of Michael Kors & Philip Lim. Expect the trend adorned in childlike florals & ‘Living Coral’. Another accessory trend, is that handbags seem to have shrunk in size this season, giving a nostalgic nod to the 90s micro bags. Not particularly practical, but all things macro, force us to confront the over-stuffed Mary Poppins bags that we all lug around & perhaps filter to just the necessities.

Yet another 1980s trend revival is the puffed shoulders/bishop sleeves, they’e been incorporated into everything from jumpsuits to tea dresses with waist clinching wide belts & pair well with square necklines.


It’s great to see such variation, this year will be the year of making a statement with personal style & emboldened femininity. Which are your favourite trends of the year so far?

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