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do we have commitment issues with our clothing?

Clothing is what we use to visually communicate our personality to the world. But cheap, ‘fast fashion’ clothing is being churned out of factories faster than ever. And as consumers, we invest in this fashion frenzy as we don’t mind if the quality is low, if we’ve only spent a couple of pounds on a top, that only lasts a few wears before we bin it & buy a new one. You’ll notice that prices have risen in every other industry, apart from fashion, where they have dropped, which is why we all have over-spilling wardrobes, myself included!


The fashion industry is the most labor intensive industry there is, most of us have no idea of what goes into making a garment from scratch or where our clothing is made… & it’s about time we woke up! And yes, the argument could be made that there are far worse jobs that some of these garment workers could be doing, but lets be honest with ourselves… the wages & conditions are just not fair! Designers are gradually becoming more conscious about careless consumption, as should we as wearers of this fabric.

beapompred beablogpompey.jpg

I am certainly guilty of bulk ordering from ASOS as soon as I was allowed a debit card. But shopping more consciously is becoming a social responsibility & I intend to drastically change how I shop in 2019, who’s with me? We all need to slow down fast fashion & make a real change over the next 10 years or our planet will be in some real deep shit.

baepompyspirng.jpg beamainpompey.jpg

Simple tips to help us shop more responsibly:

  • Uninstall all shopping apps on your phone.
  • Shop only when you actually need something, not just for the sake of it.
  • Reuse & mend what you already have. Where did the mantra ‘Make do & Mend’ disappear to?
  • Use capsule wardrobes as a tool to reset the need to buy more clothes.
  • Donate clothing, rather than throwing it away.
  • Buy less clothing but with better quality.
  • Buy vintage or shop on second hand sites like Vestiere Collective.
  • I’d recommend shopping in a store rather than online as it make you have more thought behind your purchases too.
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7 thoughts on “do we have commitment issues with our clothing? Leave a comment

  1. Yesssss, I am so here for this blog! Slow fashion is so important. I’ve never been into shopping myself so I find it relatively easy but when I do get new things I always try and sell my old stuff on eBay as I don’t like having too much stuff.

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  2. Stunning photos! One of my resolutions for the year is to invest more in things, including clothes too; more long-term, quality purchases that will last. One more little decision that I hope will make a tiny contribution.

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