let’s have a chat about about love

So it’s February, and Valentines day is in fact tomorrow. This may be a bit of a controversial one but I really don’t enjoy Valentine’s day!!

There is so much build up and so much pressure for grand romantic gestures. Does anyone ever feel like it’s a bit anti-climatic on the actual day? Or am I just becoming a bit cynical… Probably a bit of both to be honest haha!

51771403_2072273572810167_1918714371052142592_nIronically, Ross and I met on OkCupid and for most of our relationship I have been working in the bridal industry. Which to be honest, I don’t think particularly helps when your in a relationship with someone that isn’t ready for marriage quite yet. It seems like everyone is getting married around me and puts my own relationship under the microscope.

Come 15th February new Brides will ask me if I’m married, and I always reply with the same “no, hopefully one day… but my other half would much prefer to get a dog at the moment” it seems to try and detract from the sting of not being engaged as of yet. But then a dog will do just fine: there is always room for more four legged fluffs!


I always end up feeling a little lack-lustre after Valentine’s day regardless of who I’ve been with over the years. The red and pink day doesn’t live up to the expectation in my head and of course that teenie tiny niggling feeling that he could surprise me even though I actually find wildly romantic public displays of affection uncomfortable; I have a very contradictory brain!

The best 14th of February I’ve ever had was actually last year. We just cuddled up on the sofa laughing together over a Chinese Takeaway and just exchanged cards. No expectations, just simple, just happy. 2019 v-day consists of me working until 7pm and then heading of for Byron burgers, keeping it low-key and fuss-free.


This ever hopeful anti-valentine will try to enjoy it this year and I hope you all do. Whether you are with your significant others, cocktails with the gals or cuddled up with your fur-babies…

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4 Replies to “let’s have a chat about about love”

  1. We always have a chill valentines – we’ve been together for almost 7 years so we just use it as an excuse for a takeaway or meal out! Hope you both had a nice evening x

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