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a new chapter

I quite easily get caught up in the rigid facets of life: fixating on work, attempting to save money, endless to do lists. Although important they tend to stall us appreciating the little things in life.

For me, April has been a very trying month. Life likes to violently teach us that not everything we want in life goes smoothly, no matter how much we want it to.

There doesn’t seem to be time to manage my current employment alongside other annoyingly essential tasks like matching clean socks, getting enough sleep, trying to get to the gym every week and ensuring my home is actually liveable etc.


I have also been struggling to march back into each day with the same vigour I used to have, so I’ve opted for a career change. Not a drastic change; still all things weddings, but I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to work for a company that seems to take pride and care of their employees.

This also entails that Ross and I (and the fur baby) will be relocating from Hampshire to West Sussex. It excites me to have another interior project and before we have even found a house, I have already over-eagerly picked out wallpaper samples.


I’m feeling a lot more optimistic because I’ve come to the realisation regardless of what you see on Instagram, you absolutely cannot have it all, and to be honest its like a weight has been lifted! Online everyone appears to be shopping at Chanel, dining at fancy restaurants and draping themselves on white sand beaches; meanwhile I’m curled up on the sofa in an over-sized The Script tshirt from 2012 and worrying about paying my Virgin Media bill.


Others luxurious lives shouldn’t demean our own accomplishments. I still have goals but not too over-inflated, I’ve managed to increase my yearly salary with my new job, but I’m certainly not unrealistically jetsetting to the Maldives, leaving my bank account hollow and ruining my credit score. Dreaming with care is key, I’m making in my mission for the remainder of 2019 to prioritise my happiness, even if its just something as simple as feeling like I’ve gotten a bit stronger from going to the gym this year or creating a wedding gown from scratch just for the sheer enjoyment. Better to be driven for a few dreams than clutching at too many.

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