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an eye make-up look that survives hay-fever season

I do apologise for being a bit lacklustre on the blog front! What with diving into my new job and uprooting and moving from Hampshire to Sussex. There has been plenty to blog about and no time to write it all down, I’ve even missed All Things Bea turning 1!


Now I don’t know about any of you, but I feel like I’m pulling that ‘pre-sneeze’ face half of the summer due to hay-fever! I seem to get through a ridiculous amount of antihistamines (that are oddly only available in 10 doses per box) and I carry just as many tissues up my sleeve as my Nan!

The easiest thing would be to not bother with eye make up all together, but here we are…. I thought it best to share an easy eye look that I have devised that survives through all the watery eyes and the incessant sneezing.


Cover FX Shimmer Veil Eye

These liquid eye-shadows mean serious business. Once these set on the lids… there on! Meaning you have to blend quite quickly, I have opted for a red shade Ember but there is something for everyone in the colour spectrum that Cover FX have.

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Pencil Eye Definer

I barely ever leave the house without a slick, cat flick liner. Unfortunately teary, itchy hayfever eyes don’t combine well with my usual felt tip or liquid eyeliners. Waterproof pencil eyeliner is the only way to get the ‘flicks’ that last throughout pollen season. I apply to my lashline and then neaten it up with an angled brush, its not as neat as liquid eyeliner, but it doesn’t run all over my face and that’s the main thing really…

Eylure Latex-Free Lash Adhesive

I have fairly rubbish natural eyelashes hence why I wear falsies all the time. But there are some days where they just won’t stay on if my allergies hit hard. If you are intent on still wearing falsies like me, even through the teary eyes then I would highly recommend Eylure’s Latex Free lash glue, if anything is going to keep your lashes intact then this is the only one!

Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Waterproof Mascara

This is one of the only mascaras I religiously repurchase, I’ve used it since I was a pre-teen and still using roll on Lipsmacker lipgloss and body glitter. It has a thin,short brush bristles don’t aggravate my already itchy eyes and as long as you don’t rub your eyes too much this stuff isn’t budging anywhere.


(PS: please excuse the windswept hair and my strawberry earrings are from Asos)

Let me know if there is any super long lasting make up you would recommend me using…

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