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are you layering your skincare correctly?

Everyone and every cosmetic brand have their own routine as to how to sweep your skincare on. Mine is as simple as: Serum – Eye Cream – Moisturiser – SPF, but this post is less about the order we apply and more about exactly the concoction of active ingredients we put on our skin and if they work together.. .or are they working against each other?

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Mixing your vitamins

Be careful of applying too many vitamin rich products. For example, it’s best to use retinol on its own as vitamin A and its derivatives do not mix well with vitamin C or acid based products. My skin has had a bit of a hissy fit if I mix Vitamin B3 (niacinmide) and Vitamin C, to be completely honest my skin is just a bit fussy over which Vitamin C based products anyway, let alone mixing it with other supplements.

Acidic Overload

Have you ever prepared you skin for a big day and the night before you’ve packed your skin full of glycolic, salacylic acid or lactic acid? No? Well don’t, learn from my mistakes! It feels like you’ve lost a few layers of skin overnight for the love of looking glowy and for lack of a better term, my face felt raw. One acid product at a time people!


Cosmetic Overkill

Pretty much all of us have had our foundation separate on our faces, it kept happening to me with lots of different foundations that I thought there’s got to be something wrong with how I am applying it, so I tried with every applicator under the sun. It turns out that if you use and oil based moisturiser and water based foundation they don’t mix and vice versa, so simple but I was completely oblivious! So if you have an oil free foundation you’ll need to put a water based moisturiser on underneath it. Quite often primers catch me out, as they need to follow this too.


Spots and Dots Treatment

When treating acne, quite a common active ingredient in over-the-counter treatments is Benzoyl Peroxide. It can lighten the skin, your eyebrows and occasionally your bedsheets so it’s best not to mix this well-known acne fighting ingredient with skin brightening/dark spot correcting products such as Hydroquinone. This combination can result in seriously irritated skin, let alone having a rather ghostly complexion after a few weeks of use!

I hope this helps any of you that are have the occasional skin irritation if you try something new (that aren’t hormonal of course) , it may not be the product, just the mixture of everything else you use. It may be a sign to re-jig your skincare routine a little…

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  1. I had troubles with Vitamin C too in the beginning. The Ordinary has a nice guide to find the good Vitamin C serum for you.
    Personnally I use the Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% because I have delicate skin, no stinging so far! Maybe you should try that one!


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