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how to get your dream job // selecting your career

Are you just at the beginning of your working life? Fresh out of uni? Are you wanting a new career challenge after starting a family? Or are you just really not enjoying your current role and are ready for a well-needed change?

This is the first blogpost in my ‘how to get your dream job series’ I am aiming to unload all my knowledge in recruitment after creating loadsss of my own job applications and conducting interviews and filtering CVs myself. I know what I look for in a team member and I’ve been through the process of finding*phew* my own dream career, I’m hoping to guide you all to find you own!

By no means do we have to have one career for our entire lives. There is so so much pressure, believe me I feel it too, on having your whole life plan sorted as soon as you start nursery… ok a little far-fetched, but I’m a twenty-something and still don’t have it all together, all of the time… I don’t think anyone really does?! My point is, that realistically we may have 2 or 3 maybe 4 careers in our lifetime and that’s perfectly fine.


First things first, the easiest place to start is having a little browse through some of the resources linked below. Make a cuppa, grab a packet of Oreos and dive on in…


Now you have some idea of what sort of career you may enjoy, you may not be able to jump in straight away, working your way up is what makes your dream job a career. Now… how are you going to get your dream role? Are the any qualifications or experience you need to gain? What is the entry level role that matches your personal traits and current skill set?

This is all food for thought and time for a little exercise… delve into some job descriptions from different companies that line up with your goal and make a list the qualities they want in a prospective candidate with your own qualities, knowledge and experience. 

I know it’s especially difficult to line up your own personal traits, but maybe think of your friendship role with your closest friends. Are you a shoulder to cry on? Do you try and organise getting together? Do you try and solve arguments? Even these are traits that are transferable skills into the working world. If you already have an end career goal in mind, then its time to take the next leap of faith…


Now you’ll need to lay out the steps it will take to get to your dream job, I can help you with your interview, your application and everything in between, but you will need to note down a plan of action of how you are gain the knowledge and experience for your dream job.

For example, if your dream job was to be a Sports Broadcaster, your first step would be to research and apply for a communications and journalism course, then perhaps to look into an internship at a radio channel for their sports section and work on your verbal skills to be equipped for applying for a role in industry, even if you start as a production assistant, its all a step in the right direction!


The next step is to ace your application… look out for the next blogpost in this ‘how to get your dream job’ series on tailoring your CV!

Please do let me know if you are feeling inspired and found this helpful by leaving a comment below and hitting the share button…

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