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how to get your dream job // dress code edit

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I’ve genuinely seen someone turn up for an interview in flip flops and denim short shorts and I instantly thought ‘there is no way and I hiring this person’ without them even saying a word. First impressions mean  a hell of a lot if you are wanting to spring into a new role. Some employers will genuinely refuse to see you if you are late and dressed inappropriately. So lets dive into your wardrobe…

It can be quite difficult to know what exactly your expected to wear to a job interview depending on the role, but to save you upturning your entire clothing collection here are a few guidelines and OOTDs to get you started…

workwear flatlay-Corporate role-

A fail-safe outfit for a formal work environment, a tailored look is key. The #girlboss power suit is be a 2019 style staple, mine is hot pink but if you are applying for a less creative role you may want to tone down the colour palette a tad. For formal interviews, red is about the only ‘unnatural’ I can get away with professionally. I mean, who am I kidding? My current blonde is certainly not my natural hair colour anyway, but it’s just a heads up for the mermaid hair fanatics like myself… its a little tricky to not be judged in an interview on your hair colour in a formal work environment. Not that purple hair has any link to a person’s capability… I’m sure this misconception will change with time!

Pictured: Top – M&S, Skirt – Asos, Necklace – Dorothy Perkins, Shoes – Louboutin

-Casual office-

If your workplace is a little more relaxed, you may not need to cover the tats or compromise your rose-gold-ombre-locks. Garments such as a printed tea dress, a well tailored jacket, floaty blouse or fitted midi skirt will work just fine. Make sure to weave a bit of personality into your outfit but keep it classy and sassy gals!

Pictured: Top – Club L, Trousers – Asos, Shoes – Dolce&Gabbana

-Creative studio-

Dress to impress – this is your chance to show off your style. Your only limit here is revealing too much, remember your still in a work environment. Pour moi, I would wack out poofiest puff sleeves, sling on some statement jewellery and some unique footwear, but whatever screams your creativity from the roof tops!

Pictured: Top – Zara, Skirt – H&M, Necklace – H&M, Shoes – Louboutin (Magicadiva)


A few more final pointers to complete your look:

  • Try not to cake on the make up. We all want to have flawless skin for an interview but try not to put layer upon layer on concealer to cover that irritating white-head that popped up the night before your interview. Less is more people!
  • If in doubt about whether or not to cover your tattoos, then do! I always cover them for interviews, just ask them at the interview what is acceptable in that particular workplace, businesses are becoming more and more accepting in 2019, finally!
  • Mid length nails in a natural colour, I know I know, I do love a sparkly stiletto-shaped set of acrylics but these can be very distracting, not to mention impossible to type with!
  • If your indecisive, always dress a little more formal than you think you should. Better to be overdressed than under-dressed… although that’s how approach my wardrobe generally speaking, its a failsafe rule for interview days.pinkt

Please do let me know if you found this helpful by leaving a comment below and hitting the share button… And look out for the LAST step in this ‘how to get your dream job’ series next week!

abt sig


Outfit Details

Trousers – Asos, Top – Boohoo, Blazer – Marks & Spencers, Jewellery – River Island, Shoes – Dolce & Gabbana, Bag – Zara

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