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how to get your dream job // interview prep


So you did it! You got an interview! Now…I’m not being big-headed by saying that if I get to an interview stage then I know I’ve got the job! Probably part of this mentality may be why, but I want to share with you my steps that I used to get my dream job and nailing the interview… keep reading to find out how I did it…


Preparation is key

Yes, its a fairly obvious one but you would be surprised how many people don’t bother doing any research prior to an interview! I did an overwhelming amount of research on the company which completely concealed the fact that I had literally no experience with events and weddings other than working in a bridal shop for 2 years which loosely related.

A huge red flag for employers is being unprepared, you can have all the qualifications in your field, but if you know shit-all about the company or the role, it reflects very badly. Write down some key notes on the establishment you’ve applied to work at, trawl through their website, their social media, timeline of the company and read through any online articles or reviews – you can go full super-stalker so you can relay some key information to slip into conversation with your interviewer or panel. I had my Venue Manager say ‘ok, I get it, you know your stuff’ I may have waffled on for too long, but I got the job so…. definitely worth all the research!

A great place to research interview questions you may be asked is on the Glass Door app or The hardest question of which is ‘Why are you right for this role?’ its so difficult, but I guarantee you will be asked this in some shape or form and its not the sort of question you can just ‘wing it’ and hope for the best, it takes a bit of prep work.


First impressions

Now it’s time for the actual interview day… It may take some time to figure out what sort of first impression you want to make. Its important to be yourself with a healthy dose of professionalism, arrive at least 10mins early with a smile, a firm handshake and a friendly manner (for my tips on interview dress code *click here*)

I have admittedly made candidates wait for 5-10mins just to see if they interact with the other team members. Even just going up to other staff members at that work place and ask how long they have been with their company, asking how their week at work is and just genuinely having an interest in their role goes a long way.

For my current role, I sat in the office about 15mins before the interview and chatted to the current Event Manager, she later said once I had got the job, that I was the only candidate that had bothered to interact with her past a simple ‘hello’ whilst waiting. It can be so easy to sit there and stress in silence, so nattering away to other employees can actually relax you a little more too before you go into your interview. Its a win-win tactic really.


Concealing your nerves

Now for the actual interview. After all that painstaking preparation and killer outfit you are ready to waltz in with your sassiest #girlboss playlist in your headphones and ace this interview! When attending an interview your body language gives a honest representation of you and your work attitude. I’m not saying you have to sit there like the Queen,even if your terrified, you need to try and appear relaxed but not slump in the chair like you just don’t care, try and find a balance. When in the history of time (ok a bit OTT) has telling someone to stay calm actually made someone calm… literally never! It sounds really bizarre but try laughing in your head if your feeling a bit overwhelmed.

When I’m nervous I automatically speak quietly and too quickly, which would be a real shame if you have all of there carefully curated answers and the interviewer doesn’t catch half of it. Slowww your speech down and halt the ‘umms and ermms’. A little tip I use is to try pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth if you feel yourself about to say ‘umm…’ when considering your answer, it helps to curb the urge.


And that’s it! If you have read and followed all of the How to get your Dream Job series steps then you have done everything you possibly can to get that career!

Please do let me know if you found this series helpful by leaving a comment below and hitting the share button… I’d love to hear your interview stories!

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