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my ultimate festive cocktails

Some of you may think it’s too early to Christmas… but I’m afraid you are reading All Things Bea which means you get to gin-gle all the way through 2 whole months of festivities!! I’ve curated my ultimate seasonal cocktails and we are officially other side of Halloween so, bring on the jingle juice!


mulled wine with a twist

INGREDIENTS// 200ml merlot, 1 shot of amaretto, 50ml cranberry juice, star anise, cinnamon, cloves

RECIPE// This one is the simplest recipes of all, the amaretto makes this the BEST mulled wine recipe. It’s as simple as bunging it all in a saucepan until it’s simmering… et voila! For a spicier mulled wine for sharing (by sharing, this could equally be a Friday night in on my lonesome…) I would recommend putting all the entire bottle of merlot and 7 shots of amaretto inĀ  a slow cooker with the rest of the ingredients on a low setting and leaving the spices to steep for a few hours before drinking and ladle away.


christmas cosmopolitan

INGREDIENTS// stem ginger, 250ml cranberry juice, 1 or 2 shots of vodka, lime juice, 2 shots of ginger wine (or ginger ale if you would prefer a lighter taste), Monin sugar syrup

RECIPE// start by grating away at some stem ginger into a cocktail mixer. Add a squeeze of lime juice and a teaspoon of sugar syrup. add the ginger wine/ale and cranberry juice, shake, shake, shake over ice and pour… I used orange to garnish, but chuck in whatever you fancy! Easy peasey!


mince pie martini

INGREDIENTS// 1 shot of dark spiced rum, 1 shot of gin (the best for this recipe is the Whitley Neil Rubarb and Ginger), 250ml ginger beer, pop-a-ball bubbles in raspberry, mincemeat syrup (caster sugar, veggie mincemeat, mixed spice)

RECIPE// I won’t lie this one is a little more complicated but completely worth it! It the type of cocktail that proves to your family that you’re ‘successfully adulting’ since you moved out.

To make a mincemeat syrup, put 100ml water, 2 tablespoons of golden caster sugar and mincemeat in a pan and bring to the boil. Cool and strain though a sieve. Separately, mix a teaspoon caster sugar and mixed spice, then dampen the rim of your martini glasses and dip in the sugar and spice mixture.

Add the gin, dark rum, 80ml mincemeat syrup and ice. Shake well and strain into your prepared glass with your pop-a-ball bubbles and glug away! If you are making it in a decanter or jug the flavoured bubbles still look equally as effective.

boozy vegan eggnog


INGREDIENTS// 150ml oatly milk, 1 or 2 shots almond baileys, 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, 65g cashews in 65ml water (soak overnight), cinnamon and nutmeg

RECIPE// start by soaking the cashews in water overnight or during your working day. Once you’ve come home from a longgg old shift at work, drain the excess water from the stewing cashews and add them and the spices and drizzle of maple syrup to a mixer (I used a Nutri bullet) and blend for 15/20 seconds. Once the mixture is creamy, drop in the almond Baileys and Oatly milk and whizz it again in the blender and pour. This ends up tasting like a boozy chai/eggnog milkshake… divine!


I would love to know what you think of my Christmas cocktail creations in the comments if you give any of these a whirl…

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