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twenty nineteen reflections on adulthood


After a frantic festive season of merriment and family mingling, I am quite ready to collapse in a heap just in time for a new decade. I’ll be honest, this is the first time in a long time that I am looking forward to the new year ahead. It feels like forever ago since I made proper resolutions, maybe because I haven’t expected anything to change in any remarkable way. Some of you may choose to not set resolutions at all and others may have set lots of goals in place before the January 1st lands.


The first and second half of 2019 felt like completely separate years. Ross and I both really weren’t fulfilled in our jobs and I wasn’t happy in the city we had called home for the past year or so. It has been rather entertaining seeing 10 year challenges pop up all over social channels. In all honesty, what I have learnt in becoming semi-functioning adulthood in the last 10 years is that…

  • credit cards can be dangerous
  • definitely get dogs not kids
  • bullies don’t just exist at school
  • FitBits are just Tamagotchis, except you are the silly creature you are trying to keep alive
  • going to university doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere
  • haircuts and rugs are expensive
  • all those years of my Mum having 3 million different bins means her recycling habits have rubbed off on me
  • always get insurance, home, car, pet… ALWAYS!
  • you will never run out of lip products. In fact, you probably already own enough gloss, balms and lipsticks for your whole lifetime
  • invest in a snazzy hoover, good skincare and heated blanket, I may sound like an old lady but 100% WORTH the money
  • always be your truest and weirdest self

Not exactly pearls of wisdom but these points would have curbed my curiosities as a teen!


The latter half of 2019 has been a complete somersault! We both have new, exciting and challenging job roles and a new house and I’m the most contented right now than than the entire decade before it.

We are very lucky to be able to rent a proper house but this does absorb most of our combined income, as much as I try to squirrel away savings, most of it slips back out by the end of the pay month. If I’ve managed to breakeven or even save the occasional amount every month or so; that’s a little step in the right direction. The intention is there I suppose! We are by no means not coping, it is our lifestyle choice to not live in a flat, to have a pet and to buy too many avocados and go out for dinner once a month, but these are little luxuries that keep us cheerful.


I briefly remember reading an article about 6 months ago about successful women in business and sooo many of them had multiple streams of income and had a Monica Geller level of efficiency with their time. This got me thinking that as much as I ADORE my job I need to make more use of the time when I am away from my desk.

I came to the realisation that I spend 40 hours a month on public transport, that’s alot of time I could spend blogging, reading or doing something other than gazing out the window with Spotify blaring into my ears and a minimal amount of sleep under my eyelids.

So with that in mind, the miscellaneous goals for my twenty twenty are to…

  • Learn to go to bed at a more reasonable hour
  • Learn to drive… at long last! It’s been almost 7 years since I have been in the driver seat of a car… eek! It terrifies me but I am determined to get it done before I am 24
  • Successfully save towards a house
  • Not go on holiday this year (this links to the house saving predicament) and not to have any new tattoos (note no NEW ones, I’ve put this as I am finalllyyy finishing my chest piece in a few weeks time, but that’s it… I think…)
  • Be more thoughtful about my spending, gone are the days of impulse purchasing! I am aiming to be a much more considered shopper in 2020, goodbye Klarna my friend!
  • To be more efficient with my time. This could be actually planning my content creating, maintaining friendships, starting work earlier or doing something other than falling asleep in front of the TV in the evenings.
  • Have a second stream of income of some sort, I don’t mean a part time job on top of my 40 (more like 60) hours in the wedding industry, I would collapse lets be real! This could be through le blog, depop/ebay, selling my paintings, maybe an Etsy store… we shall see which comes to fruition.

I am aware that some of these are quite hefty goals but I have had a few years of cruising along a little unsure what I was doing, so a little positive direction can’t do me any harm!

(Also noting these down on my little corner of the blogosphere also holds me accountable for these goals in a years time on reflection in 2021… haha)

What are your goals for 2020? Leave them in the comments below 🙂

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