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s/s 2020 trend report// everything you need to know


This post is a little later than the 2019 one, but let’s be honest we are still nowhere near spring yet in the UK. What with Storm Chiara, Dennis or whatever quintessentially British name they decide to name the high winds and horizontal rain next… maybe Gary… Doris? But whilst we are wishing away winter, let focus on the upcoming trends for the warmer months.

2020 is a whole new decade of fashion and we are all feeling the pivot that comes with climate change awareness and how that links into the fashion world. Let’s just look at the storms we’ve had in the UK let alone the rest of the globe.

There is even more of a focus on sustainability for fashion brands and as fashion consumers, we are becoming more conscious about of our consumption of clothing. I think 2020 will be the year of investment shopping, I wrote a piece on this exact topic when I was at Uni, and its a subject I’m rather passionate about… hence the whole approach to this corner of the blogosphere.

The catwalks for 2020 seem to be pushing individual pieces rather than capsule collections, which makes them more accessible however it does create the ‘it’ item mentality. Although this does encourage us to buy just the one item at a time, it is always sensible to consider if the piece is just a trend frenzy, try to consider if you will wear these purchases long term.

This years trends as whole, are feeling a whole lot fresher and NEW! This is not by any means an exhaustive list of these trends, but the ones that I feel will be more focal in 2020. Let’s dive on in… shall we?


-The 2020 Colour Spectrum –

I am all over the Pantone’s colour of the year, Classic Blue. If I had to pick just one colourway to wear for the rest of my life it would be 50 shades of blue. Even better that all the aquas and denim hues are splattered all over the runway! But 2020 catwalks in general have brought us a much brighter saturated colour palette compared to last year, all the happy hues!

High-vis glam neons are here to stay in an even bigger way than 2019. Personally I’m not totally sure I could do a head to toe in highlighter hues but I will definitely be working this colour trend into my accessories and adding pops of neons to my neutral attire, I have seen Wendy’s Lookbook style neons beautifully!

Last year was all about the mustard yellows and now we’ve transitioned into tangerine dreams. This saffron shade was spotted all over the models in head to toe looks from Gabriela Hurst to Christian Siriano, it certainly was the hottest shade on the runway.

There are also much warmer tonal palettes for 2020, from versatile khakis and oaty pistachios to earthy-nude linen shades. I’m a massive fan of cinnamon camel colour, but you have to get the right shade for your skintone when it comes to neutral nudes, some shades just make me look sallow af, others look utterly chic.


-Key garments & details-

In 2019 we saw apparel all about feminine empowerment and impeccably tailored ‘girl boss’ suiting, which is 100% here to stay, but this time in 3 pieces with the additon of a waistcoat. This also feeds into the focus on a work/life balance and the rise of the ‘desk to dinner’ looks and is much more versatile and easy to deconstruct the 3 piece suits to create a variety of combinations and formalities depending on your own style.

Playing into the ‘9 till 5’ wardrobe trend, is the return of ‘normal’ sized handbags! Out with the micro bags of the last decade and on to the oversized bags… yay! I’m personally a huge fan of the Mary Poppins sized fits-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sorta handbag, sorry Jacquemus… the Chiquito minibag just doesn’t fit my life into it! I’m a Givenchy Antigona gal through and through.

Athleisure is also an evolving trend for 2020. I’ll be honest, athleisurewear was a trend I took to mean wearing Gym Shark and cold weather comforts whilst lounging at home, but its evolved in a HUGE way. Sporty jersey co-ords and drawstring details are all the rage, still not something I have bought into but I can’t lie, it can look absolutely killer, once you find the right combination of slouchy and stylish!

One trend I haven’t sported for a LONGGGG time is shorts and they are back in every shape and form: skorts, Bermuda shorts, short-suits to mini 80s hot pants. We’ve seen shorts in every corner of the fashion capitals and there is sure to be a cut for everyone. With all this choice, means they have been in a more vintage clothing era so why not shop vintage and invest in the trend but close the cycle on waste?

It’s all in the details… we’ve seen the disco collars and quirky cutouts and 2020 trends feel like a whole new era of fashion. There are some absolutely beautiful new necklines emerging in womenswear, the blend of the sweetheart neckline and the wide square-neck is the sort of illusion neckline I can totally get on board with!

Cutouts in particular are appearing in every seam of a garment, asymmetric slashed necklines, waist cutouts, side leg slits, peek-a-boo corseted bodices and even exaggerated sheer sleeve plackets… its everywhere and I LOVE it!


-Fabrics, Patterns & Details-

Unusually for spring, leather has been reworked for spring and dyed all the colours of the rainbow, a variety of silhouettes and with plenty of appliqué. It completely transforms the buttery leather to be suitable for spring and MUCH more versatile. Being an animal lover, there are a HUGE selection of high quality leathers being made from mushrooms, pineapple skins and even grape remnants from wine production; all the innovations!

Spring dresses are feeling particularly bridal with all the yards of Chantilly lace and broidery anglais but with a tougher, glam rock edge seen in perfect proportions from the Alexander McQueen fashion house. Who could possibly do it better?!

Seeing spots… Polka dots never go out of fashion whether its micro or massive, its time to get your Cruela De Vil on, (but I would want to keep all 101 dogs!) Although a classic print, it feels more current in a range of colour ways, scales and mixed with other patterns.*Click here* if you struggle to style clashing prints.

The most textural of trends I’ve noted more corded and woven accessories. Now I don’t mean take the macrame wall hanging off and wear it, but raffia and crochet details create a very tactile, layered vibe to any outfit, Fendi, for example, absolutely nailed this trend!

When it comes to 2020 jewellery, the bigger the better this year! Chunky chokers, shoulder length earrings and plenty of low hanging statement pendants. Warm yellow gold is the metal of the moment, gold chain details even affixed to footwear for a more ‘shoe jewellery’ look if you will.

If you have stuck with me this long please leave a 🙂 in the comments!! If the fashion industry has taught us anything about sustainability in the last year it is to invest in your wardrobe. Halt your frivolous fast fashion and spend on quality key pieces that you can envisage wearing 100 times over. As much as we adore our trends, reevaluate what you will you actually get the wear out of? Let’s buy consciously this year guys and gals…

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