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Well hello there! Welcome to All Things Bea 2.0

My name is Bea, I’m a 22 year old mermaid-haired vegan, typing away in my own little corner of the internet. I’m a girl with a tendency for overdressing and an untidy mind.

I started my blog back in May 2012 with pix-elated images as an outlet for my teenage wanderings and random life events that scattered around my blog and up until age 19, and then I moved out of my family home and the blog (& my questionable Photoshop skills) took a back seat…

Zooming on to 2019… I’m working full-time in the wedding industry & living with my other half Ross and our 13 year old grumpy cat Heidi in our little house in Sussex, UK.

All Things Bea is first & foremost a fashion & lifestyle blog. I fill these pages with my own personal style narrative, eclectic ramblings & hopefully will encourage you to think about our chosen fabric skin we throw on our backs & express your own personal style.

Thanks for stopping by my blog…

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