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About Bea

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Well hello there… welcome to All Things Bea!

Funnily enough I am, of course Bea, a vertically challenged ‘luxe for less’ blogger, typing away in my own little corner of the internet. I have a tendency for overdressing and attempting to live a champagne lifestyle on a diet coke budget.

I started All Things Bea back in May 2012 with pix-elated images as an outlet for my scattered teenage wanderings & sewing my own fabric creations until age 19, and then I moved out to Hampshire and the blog (& my questionable Photoshop skills) took a back seat…

Zooming on to 2020… All Things Bea is first & foremost a fashion & lifestyle blog, with a blend of both luxury and accessible high street garments.ย I fill these pages with my own personal style narrative, eclectic ramblings & hopefully will encourage you to enhance your own personal style and join in the conversation, whilst listening to twitterings on finding the best wardrobe investments and style steals.

Thanks for stopping by my blog… you are more than welcome to give me a shout on

All my best wishes,

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