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Category: Career

how to get your dream job // interview prep

So you did it! You got through to the interview stage! Now where to start and how to you properly prep for an interview? Look no further! I’ve got you covered to make the best first impression to your new employer.

how to get your dream job // dress code edit

It can be quite difficult to know what exactly your expected to wear to a job interview depending on the role, but to save you upturning your entire clothing collection here are a few guidelines and OOTDs to get you started…

how to get your dream job // tailor your cv

So you’ve decided you want a career change… It can be mind-numbingly boring to do months-upon-months of applications with not an interview in sight. But that’s where the importance of tailoring your CV comes in…

how to get your dream job // selecting your career

Are you wanting a new career challenge after starting a family? Fresh out of uni? Or are you just really not enjoying your current role? I’ve been through the process of finding*phew* my own dream career, I’m hoping to guide you all to find you own!